1 bag Manischewitz Fine Egg Noodles, cooked
4 eggs
Ground Beef
BBQ Sauce

Optional Ingredients:
Spicy Mayo

Hamantaschen Noodle Slider Bun and Slider


For Buns:
Cook the noodles as directed on the packing.
Combine cooked noodles with the eggs and season with salt and pepper.
Heat up a frying pan with oil then place a metal triangle cookie cutter in pan and fill with noodle mixture
Cook then flip over until both sides are cooked.

For Sliders:
While noodle buns are cooking, shape ground beef into triangle then fry up on a grill pan until meat is cooked through.
Brushed on some BBQ sauce then grilled both sides of the burger.

For Fried Egg:
Heat up a small round pan with a tablespoon of oil then gently crack an egg into a cup then slowly drop it into the pan.

Serve cooked burgers on noodle buns with fried eggs, tomatoes and spicy mayo.
If you do not have triangle shaped cookie cutters, you can use circle cookie cutters to cook circle noodle pancakes then cut out triangles.

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