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Recipes for Holidays

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So many of our holiday traditions center on the special foods we eat. Is it any wonder we search for just the right recipes? Our holiday recipe collection makes it easy. See the holidays below and in no time at all you'll be making a simply scrumptious, fabulously festive holiday feast.

For Shavout:

Halibut Couscous with Pan-Tossed Tomatoes
Bubby's Noodle Strudel
Creamed Spinach
Baked Chicken with Mushrooms
The Unbelievable Blintz
Fish Fillets Amandine
Apple Cranberry Stuffing

For Shabbos:

Spicy Mediterranean Ratatouille
Baked Chicken with Mushrooms
Brisket Roast
Chicken Hunter

For Rosh Hashanah:

Mediterranean Chicken with Prunes and Honey
Mini Meat and Tzimmes Tower
Stuffed Chicken Roulade with Apricot Honey Mustard Glaze
Pomegranate Spinach Salad with Tropical Dressing – by Sarah Lasry
Carrot Apple Soup – by Sarah Lasry
Over-Stuffed Spanish Rice, Meat & Mushroom Crepe – by Sarah Lasry
Chicken Hunter
Kasha with Bowties

For Breaking the Fast at Yom Kippur:

No Boil Noodle Kugel

For Sukkot:

Brisket Roast
Baked Chicken Broilers with Matzo-Nut Stuffing
Brandied Steak

For Chanukah:

Two Tone Stuffed Potato Latke Pie with Alfredo Sauce - by Sarah Lasry
Falafel Crusted Chicken - by Susie Fishbein
Stuffed Potato Kugel with Creamy Dill Horseradish Sauce

For Purim:

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins with Peanut Butter Frosting - by Sarah Lasry
Sesame Meat Hamentashens with Tehina Sauce - by Sarah Lasry
Chocolate Black Bottom Cheese Cupcakes - by Sarah Lasry
Baked Chicken with Mushrooms
Brisket Roast

For Thanksgiving:

Caramelized Shallots & Herb Mash Potatoes
Asian Cream of Mushroom, Green Bean & Potato Gratin
Turkey Chili over Wild Rice and Chestnuts
THANKSGIVUKAH:Cranberry Latkes
THANKSGIVUKAH:Individual Sweet Potato Pies with Tam Tam™ Crust
THANKSGIVUKAH Stuffed Donut Holes
THANKSGIVUKAH:Jumbo Sage Potato Pancake & Cranberry Sauce
THANKSGIVUKAH:Turkey Latkes with Black Pepper Gravy
THANKSGIVUKAH:Vegetable Stuffed Sweet Potato Ravioli
THANKSGIVUKAH:Turkey Tortilla Soup
THANKSGIVUKAH:Turkey Pastrami Matzo Ball Soup
THANKSGIVUKAH:Sweet Potato Gnocchi
THANKSGIVUKAH:Quinoa and Sweet Potato Stuffed Acorn Squash
THANKSGIVUKAH:Low-Fat Pumpkin Spice Walnut Streusel Muffins
THANKSGIVUKAH:Low-Fat Turkey Tetrazzini
THANKSGIVUKAH:Turkey Enchiladas
THANKSGIVUKAH:Herbed Chestnut Cornbread
THANKSGIVUKAH:Butternut Squash and Turkey Sage Risotto
THANKSGIVUKAH:Apple Roasted Chicken Thighs

Recipes For Passover:

Chocolate Black Bottom Cheese Cupcakes
Potato Chip Crusted Chicken Schnitzel
Passover Potato and Sausage Mini Kugels
Matzo Almond Chocolate Brittle
Cocktail Meatballs in Saffron Sauce
Baked Fish and Vegetables
Chocolate Chiffon Cake
Fluffy Potato Kneidlach
Potato Crusted Salmon
Baked Chicken with Mushrooms
Brisket Roast
Apple Matzo Kugel
Potato Starch Sponge Cake
Nut Torte
Nut Cookies
Hermits Encrusted Lamb Chops with Apple Pear Chutney - by Sarah Lasry
Zesty Lemon Chicken Salad Matzo Hors D'Oeuvres - by Sarah Lasry
Passover Chicken Nuggets - by Sarah Lasry
Passover Chicken Matzo Pot Pie - by Sarah Lasry
Chocolate Torte with Honey Almond Cookie Crust - by Sarah Lasry

Passover Recipes from Past Cook-Off Finalists:

Carrot and Ginger Soup
Delectable Dumplings
Passover Tuna Brie
Turkey Stuffed Cabbage with Spicy Cherry Sauce

Passover Recipe Make-Overs by Sarah Lasry:

THEN: Banana Nut Cookies from "The Manischewitz Passover Cookbook", 1958
NOW: Banana Split Ice Cream Cake
View Recipes >

THEN: Mamouras from "Tempting Kosher Dishes", 1926
NOW: Passover Matzo Tomato Lasagna
View Recipes >

THEN: Veal Roll from "Manischewitz Passover Cookbook", 1968
NOW: Double Stuffed Veal Roll with Glaze
View Recipes >

THEN: Three Mushroom Pilaf from "Manischewitz Passover Cookbook", 1958
NOW: Stuffed Portabellos with Chicken Shitake Pilaf and Button Mushroom Sauce
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