Mandlen Strawberry Trifle


2 packages Manischewitz® Mandlen for Soup
1 package (5.1oz) vanilla instant pudding mix
3 cups milk
(2) 10 ounce frozen strawberries in syrup
(1) 14 ounce whipped cream
1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate shavings
6 large strawberries (fresh)


Defrost frozen strawberries in microwave. Toss mandlens into strawberry mixture for about 2 minutes and remove. Pour milk into a bowl and add vanilla instant pudding. Whisk until thick. Assemble trifle in brandy or wine glass starting with strawberries. Then add 6 mandlens and a layer of pudding and repeat. Add one more layer of strawberries and then a layer of whip cream. Top the whip cream with fresh strawberry slices and shaved chocolate.

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