The Merry Table

Such a lively holiday as Purim deserves a table decorated with merriment and flair. Here are a few festive (and fast!) ideas:

  • Break out your most colorful tableware, including the tablecloth, napkins and dishes. Don’t have enough that match? Better yet! It’s the season to be silly.
  • Fold the napkins like Hamentashen (How, you may ask? 1. Fold the napkin in half to make a triangle, 2. Fold each of the 3 sides in about 2 inches, face up, toward the center [a “tail” will be hanging off 2 of the edges], 3. Fold the 2 tails under and Voila!). Place a Hamentashen napkin on each plate and tuck a place card, menu, or little surprise for each guest in the center
  • Gather up the most brilliant flowers you can find at the store (spring is coming!) and arrange them into a centerpiece bursting with vibrancy
  • Spread noisemakers (“Graggers”) and masks around the table (the children can help make them–and be sure to stick one or two into your floral centerpiece for fun.
  • Garnish the salad with “cucumber crowns” in honor of Queen Esther (1. Cut a cucumber into thick slices, 2. Cut the top of each slice with a jagged edge to resemble a crown, 3. Carefully cut out each center to remove the seeds and hollow the crown)
  • If you have a sideboard, keep all the delicious Purim desserts (like the real Hamentashen) out during dinner. Decorate the dessert platters with more flowers, masks or noisemakers to highlight the festivity of the feast

Purim Shopping List

  • Candles
  • Challah (or ingredients to make own, such as yeast, sugar, eggs, vegetable oil, salt, flour)
  • Grape juice and/or Wine
  • Gefilte fish
  • Horseradish
  • Salad and salad dressing
  • Ingredients for first course, such as soup
  • Ingredients for main course
  • Ingredients for side dishes
  • Ingredients for dessert
  • Condiments
  • Cooking spray
  • Tea and coffee
  • Flowers for centerpiece
  • Items for food baskets, such as fruit, 8 oz grape juice, pilaf mixes, crackers, tea, apple butter