Fun and Festivities with the Kids

Purim is a holiday to eat, drink, and be merry—and then to eat, drink and be merry some more. In fact, at the main Purim meal, the tradition is to eat bread (and anything else we want), plus drink at least one glass of wine (what else but Manischewitz wine?). Read on for creative ways to celebrate Purim, including ideas to help your kids get a kick out of all the fun.

Make a Funny Face

It’s always entertaining to dress in costumes and masks for Purim. A Purim mask is an easy project to make with children––whether you choose a character in the story of Purim (“the Megillah”), such as Queen Esther, or a figure from modern times. All you need is:

  • A paper plate
  • Scissors to cut it into shape
  • Crayons or markers
  • A popsicle or paint mixing stick to glue to the bottom as a holder (or string to tie it around the head)
  • Your imagination!

Bring on the Noise

Noisemakers, called “Graggers,” are also part of the Purim fun—and another simple project to make:

  • Gather up small containers, such as film canisters, juice or coffee cans, or even 2 small colorful paper plates stapled together
  • Fill the container halfway with things that rattle such as popcorn kernels, pebbles, pennies, or coffee beans
  • Decorate the container with colorful construction paper, felt, streamers, glitter…whatever!

Spread the Joy

It’s a Purim tradition to send baskets or packages of food (“Shalach Manos”) to friends and family. Another chance to get creative! The sky is the limit when it comes to ways of putting together Purim food baskets and it’s something the whole family can enjoy. After all, that is our main mission on Purim: to enjoy! Browse through our Products section for inspiration and ideas on what to include in your baskets this year.


Purim Shopping List

  • Candles
  • Challah (or ingredients to make own, such as yeast, sugar, eggs, vegetable oil, salt, flour)
  • Grape juice and/or Wine
  • Gefilte fish
  • Horseradish
  • Salad and salad dressing
  • Ingredients for first course, such as soup
  • Ingredients for main course
  • Ingredients for side dishes
  • Ingredients for dessert
  • Condiments
  • Cooking spray
  • Tea and coffee
  • Flowers for centerpiece
  • Items for food baskets, such as fruit, 8 oz grape juice, pilaf mixes, crackers, tea, apple butter