Eight Ways to Wrap a Gift

Here are eight ways to wrap your Chanukah gifts this year––one for each day of the festivities:

  1. Use pretty cloth napkins, kitchen towels or vintage linens secured with hat pins–an especially clever idea for wrapping cookbooks
  2. Decorate plain craft paper or a brown paper bag using a rubber stamp or crayons
  3. Make colored copies of the knit in your favorite winter sweater at the copy store and use it as wrapping paper. Tie the gift with pretty yarn
  4. Start with a plain white shirt box, use a sharp crafting knife to cut out the shape of a menorah or dreidl from the top of it, and use pretty blue tissue paper inside the box to highlight the cutout
  5. Wrap a gift in velvet from the fabric store and embellish it with baubles such as costume brooches or fake pearls
  6. Accent the pattern on store-bought wrapping paper with glitter glue, sequins or beads
  7. Cut out poems, illustrations or classic passages from bargain books and use as wrapping paper–a beautiful option for booklovers
  8. Repurpose wine-sized gift boxes for odd shaped gifts other than wine, such as dolls or olive oil

Chanukah Shopping List

  • Chanukah Candles
  • Potato Latke Mix
  • Chocolate and Chocolate Coins
  • Apple Sauce
  • Olive Oil
  • Chocolate Tam Tams