A DeLIGHTful Table for Chanukah

It’s time again to bask in the warm glow of the menorah––and in the light of our loved ones’ eyes as they gather around for the holiday meals. Here are a few illuminating ideas to bring new flair to your Chanukah dinner table this year:

A dreidl sealed with a kiss

Give your guests a tiny treat by placing a homemade chocolate dreidl at each table setting. An easy way to make them is to use chocolate kiss-shaped candies as a starting point. Simply remove the foil they come in, rewrap them in colorful foil wrapping paper, and shape the foil to resemble a dreidl. For added interest, tie a tiny ribbon around each dreidl’s “stem.”

A present for every plate

Another way to delight guests is to place a small gift at each plate. For the adults, consider giving small gourmet food items such as wrapping each gift in a creative way. It’s a gesture everyone’s sure to love.

A menorah that takes the cupcake

Cupcakes are at the forefront of food fashion. Stores specializing in cupcakes are being stampeded. Towers of cupcakes are replacing the traditional wedding cake and food journalists are hailing the fine art of frosting. So why not finish your Chanukah meal with a nice cupcake menorah? It couldn’t be easier. Just line up 8 decorated cupcakes on a rectangular platter, prop a ninth one between the center two, and place a candle in each one. Your guests will think it’s simply brilliant!


Chanukah Shopping List

  • Chanukah Candles
  • Potato Latke Mix
  • Chocolate and Chocolate Coins
  • Apple Sauce
  • Olive Oil
  • Chocolate Tam Tams