Chanukah – Lights, Presents, Latkes & Donuts!

Growing up, Chanukah was my all time favorite holiday. Of course for the most obvious reasons as a kid – this was the holiday of 8 days of gifts (as my sister and brothers made sure to tell my mother on a daily basis) but even more so, it was the holiday my mother made the most delicious food on earth – Homemade Potato Latkes!

The tradition of making potato latkes on Chanukah goes almost as far back as the holiday itself. Latkes are fried in oil to commemorate the miracle of the oil lasting for those eight miraculous days. However, as families juggle work, school and extracurricular activities, the Chanukah holiday and its traditions sometimes get taken for granted.

The candles on the menorah always get lit, but do we do something special every day of Chanukah to celebrate the miracles we received so many years ago? This year make it a point to do something special, small or large to bring back the magic of the wonderful Chanukah traditions

Following is a list of great ideas for Chanukah this year:


  1. Make a different version of the Potato Latke each night. Of course there is the traditional Potato Latke which will be quite easy to whip up with Manischewitz Potato Latke mix but this year be ambitious and try the new recipe for Black Bean Potato Latke Mexican Style or Two Tone Stuffed Potato Latke Pie. There are many variations you can do of the Latke: Cheese, Sweet Potato, Apple Cinnamon, or Zucchini Feta are just a few fun choices you can make.
  2. With larger families, it is fun to dedicate each night to someone different. For whomever’s night it is, they will get all of the presents, have their favorite meal served and choose which games will be played. This way, someone has a little something special on one of the nights!.
  3. Donuts or Sufganiot are another family traditional crowd pleaser. This year go to your local pizza store and buy their pizza dough and deep fry portioned pieces in good vegetable oil – Donut heaven. Buy a few containers of Manischewitz Dairy-Free Rich & Creamy Chocolate or Vanilla Frosting and let your kids decorate their own donut. Add sprinkles, chocolate chips, or candies and enjoy your kids’ happy faces that will make long lasting memories.
  4. Put a twist to your Chanukah gift giving; make it into a fun Chanukah Scavenger hunt. Hide the gifts along with some Manischewitz Magic Max Chocolate Coins around your house using holiday clues to solve their quest.

These are just four fun new ways to make the Traditions of Chanukah memorable and exciting for years to come. Happy Chanukah!



Chanukah Shopping List

  • Chanukah Candles
  • Potato Latke Mix
  • Chocolate and Chocolate Coins
  • Apple Sauce
  • Olive Oil
  • Chocolate Tam Tams