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Manischewitz® Debuts New Products & Year-Round Initiatives At Kosherfest 2013!

Manischewitz® Debuts New Products & Year-Round Initiatives At
Kosherfest 2013!

Learn About Thanksgivukah, Passover Products and More

Kosherfest is October 29th and October 30th at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, NJ

Newark, NJ (October, 2013) – The latest product innovation to come from Manischewitz®, the leader in Kosher foods, can be tasted at Kosherfest October 29-30, 2013. Set to hit the shelves throughout the year, the new offerings include everyday and Passover products. In addition to the new products, Manischewitz will be kicking off the celebration of Thanksgivukah, a once in a lifetime overlap of Chanukah and Thanksgiving, as well as other contests and consumer engagement programs taking place throughout the year.

Many of the products feature the Manischewitz Health and Wellness Icon which communicates the healthy attributes of the products such as being all-natural and an excellent source of fiber, low sodium, no MSG, sulfite-free, no artificial preservatives or ingredients and so much more! This icon is a testament to The Manischewitz Company’s commitment to creating delicious and healthy products for consumers so they can be enjoyed and shared during memorable meals.

New products debuting at Kosherfest include:

Manischewitz new Rye Tam Tams joins the extensive line of Tam Tam Crackers which include Original, Unsalted, Garlic, Everything, and Onion. These crackers make a great anytime snack and are also great for serving to guests! The new Rye Tam Tam Crackers are available in a 9.6 ounce package. Suggested retail price for the Tam Tams is $3.69.

Passover will be more delicious than ever this year with two new desserts from Manischewitz, Coconut Crisp Cookies and Pistachio Orange Macaroons! The Coconut Crisp Cookies are mouthwatering with a homemade taste just like Grandma used to make. The Pistachio Orange Macaroons have a crunchy Pistachio texture with a tangy citrus taste that creates a unique and scrumptious holiday treat for everyone at the Seder. The SRP for the cookies and macaroons is $5.99.

Also new and exciting for Passover is new Manischewitz Almond & Pecan Granola! Start your day off right with our new Matzo Granola Cereal! The Almond & Pecan Granola is a crunchy, bite-sized blend of whole grain wheat matzo, hearty almonds, pecans, luscious cranberries and is lightly sweetened with coconut for a delicious wholesome taste.

Consumer Engagement Programs:

All posts made by Manischewitz, whether on Facebook or Twitter, will be tagged with the hashtag #Thanksgivukah which allows consumers to easily be connected with everything Thanksgivukah. The hashtag groups all posts with that same hashtag together to be found by searching the term #Thanksgivukah on social media websites. Additionally, consumers will be able to sign up to receive e-mail updates and access to all parts of the campaign.

Mash-Up Recipe Selection:
To jump-start your Thanksgivukah menu, chef and cookbook author Jamie Geller has teamed up with Manischewitz to create recipes that take advantage of culinary offerings of both holidays. Recipes such as Turkey Latkes with Black Pepper Gravy, Cranberry Latkes and Caramelized Corn, Onion and Thyme Donut Holes are sure to be enjoyed by everyone at Thanksgivukah celebrations across the country. These recipes and more can be viewed at

Mash-Up Recipe Contest:
Using the great selection of mash-up recipes from Manischewitz as inspiration, consumers are asked to create and submit their own unique Thanksgivukah Mash-Up recipes for a chance to win great prizes. Submissions for the contest will take place from October 28, 2013 through November 10, 2013 by logging onto the Manischewitz Facebook page.

8 Days of Leftovers:
For consumers wondering what to do with all those bits and pieces of leftovers from Thanksgivukah, look no further than Manischewitz® for delicious ideas that will be shared on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. In addition to finding tasty new recipes, consumers will also have an opportunity to enter daily drawings for prizes at the Manischewitz Facebook page.

Visitors to the Manischewitz Facebook page will be able to view and send new eCards to their friends and family. There are eight different eCards to choose from and each one has the capacity for a personal note to be added before it is sent.

The Manischewitz Recipe & Holiday Guide App*:
This free app contains hundreds of delicious, kosher recipes from past Cook-Off winners, kosher chefs, and home chefs, including the new Mash-Up recipes from chef and cookbook author Jamie Geller. Best of all, all the recipes, from either their website or app, are so simple to make that they will allow you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your guests.

The Chanukah House Kit Contest is back this year and gives people the opportunity to design their very own Chanukah House! This year the kits include 4 colors of frosting, sprinkles, sanding sugar, sugar decorations and mini beads for maximum creativity and decoration potential! The Chanukah House Decorating Kit is OU Parve and now available in stores.

*The Manischewitz Recipe & Holiday Guide can now be downloaded for free to any Apple or Android device by searching for “Manischewitz” in the App Store for Apple® devices, and the Google Play Store for Android™ devices, or by visiting the respective stores at the links below: